Discover the ultimate glow-in-the-dark disc golf experience with the Special Edition Total Eclipse Glow Proxy. This masterpiece, combining MVP and Axiom’s superior Eclipse 2.0 plastic with the renowned Proxy mold, sets a new standard for glow discs. The Glow Proxy, an ultra-straight flying putter, excels both off the tee and in the circle, ensuring precision and consistency in every throw.

What sets this disc apart is its remarkable feel. Whether you’re a fan of fan grips or power grips, the Glow Proxy’s ergonomic design offers unparalleled comfort in your hand. This makes it not just a tool, but an extension of your playing style.

The true magic of this disc lies in its glow capabilities. The MVP/Axiom Eclipse plastic is engineered for quick charging, emitting an intense, long-lasting glow. This ensures that your disc is not only easy to find in the dark but also adds an element of spectacle to your night games.

Axiom’s insight into this run is enlightening: “The Eclipse plastic brings our Proxy to life! Just a bit of UV light, and the Proxy’s legendary straight flights transform into a brilliant spectacle, reminiscent of a laser slicing through the night. The Eclipse plastic also adds a touch of softness, making the Proxy feel incredible in your hands. It’s a premium experience for both day and night golf. Don’t miss out on owning an Eclipse Proxy!”

Elevate your night game and make your glow rounds unforgettable. Get your hands on the Special Edition Total Eclipse Glow Proxy today, and witness its glowing performance that lights up the course!

Weight 175 g


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