Features of Rubber Blend Discraft Roach

The rim is extra-durable as well, so it won’t break while throwing powerful shots. Furthermore, this disc adapts easily to any terrain on the course making it especially versatile. Packed with innovation and designed for anyone from beginner to expert players. Discraft Roach is a revolutionary frisbee, made from a unique rubber blend and designed with Discraft’s signature DiscsForGood technology. Not only is Discraft Roach perfect for forehand and backhand throws of all skill levels thanks to its easy grip design, but the special rubber blend gives extra durability and toughness making it rise above the rest.

With Discraft Roach, you won’t have to worry about losing a well-timed throw due to wind gusts or heavy tree branches – because every game played with Discraft Roach will be just as smooth as the beginning! The Discraft Roach is sure to give users unprecedented amazing results like never before!

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Rubber Blend Roach - Kwik Discs Rubber Blend Discraft Roach


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