Features of Innova Halo Champion Aviar3

Innova has taken disc golf to a whole new level with their latest putt and approach disc—the Innova Halo Champion Aviar3. This innovative product is a premium version of Innova’s classic Aviar Putter, offering advanced feedback and control. Unique among Innova’s lineup of sophisticated discs, the Innova Halo Champion Aviar3 features an extended top rim that assists in conserving energy throughout the flight. It also has every level of disc golfer covered, as it operates optimally for pros and amateurs alike ranging from open to tight angles of release.

Its special grooves that provide superior airflow upon release offer further evidence of Innova’s superior engineering technique and dedication to delivering a high-performance disc. The Innova Halo Champion Aviar3 is perfect for anyone who knows what it takes to achieve success on the green. With its lightweight construction and versatile capability, you can count on your throws going long and true each and every time. With help from this premier performance disc, anyone can go from novice to master in no time!

Weight 185 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 0.5 in



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IMG 5980 Innova Halo Champion Aviar3 Innova Halo Champion Aviar3


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