Westside Swan 1 Reborn BT Medium Burst:

Rediscover the joy of putting with the Westside Swan 1 Reborn, a versatile and forgiving putter designed for players of all skill levels. Its understable flight path makes it a go-to option for both beginners and experienced players alike, offering straight flights for controlled putts and easy turnovers for creative shot shaping.

Key Features:

  • Understable Flight: Ideal for straight putts, gentle turnovers, and effortless approaches.
  • BT Medium Burst Plastic: Offers a comfortable grip, reliable durability, and a visually striking burst pattern.
  • Beginner-Friendly: Allows newer players to develop a consistent putting stroke and achieve reliable results.
  • Versatile for Experienced Players: Provides a reliable tool for strategic shot shaping and creative approaches.


  • Effortless Control: The understable nature makes it easy to manipulate the disc’s flight path for various shots.
  • Reliable Grip: The BT Medium Burst plastic provides a secure hold and consistent feel in all conditions.
  • Visually Appealing: The burst pattern adds a unique and eye-catching touch to your disc collection.
  • All-Weather Performance: BT Medium plastic maintains its grip and flexibility in both warm and cool temperatures.

Who Should Consider the Swan 1 Reborn BT Medium Burst:

  • Beginners: The understable flight and forgiving nature make it a great option for learning and developing a consistent putting stroke.
  • Experienced Players: The Swan 1 Reborn can be a valuable addition to any bag for strategic approaches and creative shot shaping.
  • Players Seeking a Versatile Putter: The BT Medium Burst plastic offers a comfortable feel and reliable grip in all conditions.

Embrace the versatility and effortless control of the Westside Swan 1 Reborn BT Medium Burst and rediscover the joy of putting with a disc that offers both performance and style.

Weight 175 g

Red, Green


175, 173


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