The Lift is Streamline’s understable distance driver, meticulously crafted to deliver straight flight paths with a comfortable rim size and a slightly domed profile. It shares the 19mm Speed 9 Driver Class with the Flare, making it a standout choice in Streamline’s lineup. The Lift is made from Streamline Neutron Plastic, which is known for its premium grip and exceptional durability. Additionally, it comes in a wide range of Neutron and Cosmic Neutron color options, giving players both functionality and aesthetic appeal. For those looking for controllable flight lines paired with effortless glide, the Streamline Neutron Lift leverages Bernoulli’s principle to enhance your game, making it an ideal choice for players seeking to optimize their driving performance.

Weight N/A

Red to Yellow Rainbow Fade, Purple to Pink Rainbow Fade, Gold, Pink to Orange Rainbow Fade, Gold


173-175, 165-169


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