SE Fission Envy – A slow, overstable putter that can handle the power of players at all skill levels. The Envy is designed to sustain a strong throw, delivering a straight flight with a moderate amount of fade. While less overstable than the Entropy, it still provides ample stability for a putter. With considerable glide for its class, the SE Fission Envy is adept at navigating down fairways straight from the tee. As a gyro disc, it features Axiom’s signature weighted outer rim, enhancing its gyroscopic capabilities for improved flight characteristics. Experience the SE Fission Envy and discover why it ranks as one of the best-selling putters in the gyro disc category.

Axiom comments on the mold: “In the cyber future envisioned by DoubleRam Design, the quest for enhancement is irresistible. However, don’t let envy get the better of you, as Fission technology has now been integrated into Axiom’s Envy! This putter, with its stunning triple-foil stamp, looks futuristic enough to be a display piece. Yet, the real temptation lies in its performance. Exceptionally flight-worthy, the Fission Envy SE elevates your driving putter game. Are you ready to be part of the future?”

Weight N/A

Pink / Red rim, Yellow / Gray rim, Red / Red rim, Orange / Red rim, Orange / Yellow rim, Pink / Yellow rim, Green / Red rim, Pink / Blue rim, Green / Blue rim, Yellow / White rim


156-159, 150-155, 173-175, 165-169, 170-172


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