Features of Discraft Rubber Blend Luna

Discraft’s Rubber Blend Luna Disc is a special edition of Discraft Discs that you do not want to miss out on. This Disc is made with Discraft’s signature rubber blend giving it an unbeatable tacky grip for increased control and accuracy throwing. Furthermore, the unique blend also allows for a great feel making it quite comfortable even during longer rounds of golf. With its overstable trajectory flight, this Disc is ideal for experienced players who are looking to fine-tune their game and will add an extra layer of confidence when throwing into headwinds.

If you’re in search of the perfect Disc that provides comfort, control, and accuracy all while looking stylish – the Discraft Rubber Blend Luna Disc is the perfect fit. The rubber blend gives you improved castability in almost any weather condition imaginable. Easy to grip and comfortable in the hand, the Discraft Rubber Blend Luna is created with toughness and durability so you can confidently focus on getting that hole-in-one every time without having to worry about wear-and-tear or costly replacement outages. With smooth slides into a perfect putt every time, this disc will make sure you show your game off for years to come!

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rubber blend luna Discraft Rubber Blend Luna Discraft Rubber Blend Luna
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