Cale Leiviska, renowned for his precision and grace on the disc golf course, has been executing sleek turnovers and direct shots with extraordinary glide for over a decade on tour. His disc of choice, the M4, is a versatile midrange favored by players of all skill levels. This particular version of the M4 is crafted in a special white 400G plastic, known for its excellent grip, durability, and visibility. Adorned with the “Vitruvian Spaceman” design, a creative twist on Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous “Vitruvian Man,” this disc symbolizes Cale’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of possibility in disc golf, both in play and through his contributions off the field.

The Prodigy Disc M4 is an exceptionally dependable understable midrange disc, designed to suit players of all abilities. It excels in distance for a midrange, turning up when thrown with power, followed by an extended glide and a smooth, straight finish. This disc is ideal for achieving precise and controlled flights, making it an essential component of any disc golfer’s arsenal.

Weight 180 g





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M4 400g 1 Prodigy Cale Leiviska 400g M4 Prodigy Cale Leiviska 400g M4


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