The Prodigy Air Spectrum X3 is a distance driver designed for players of all skill levels. It features a lightweight Air Spectrum plastic blend that enhances glide and distance potential.

Key features and benefits:

  • High glide: Allows for longer flights and increased distance.
  • S-curve flight path: Offers versatility for shaping shots and navigating fairways.
  • Less stable than a D2: A good option for players who find the D2 too overstable.
  • Lightweight Air Spectrum plastic: Enhances glide and distance for easier throws.

Suitable for all skill levels: A versatile disc that can benefit both beginners and experienced players.
Overall, the Air Spectrum X3 is a great choice for players seeking a distance driver with excellent glide, a versatile flight path, and a lightweight feel.

Weight N/A

Pink, Orange, Green & Blue, Purple & Blue, Red


164, 167


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