The Prodigy D4 Air Spectrum is a high-speed, understable distance driver designed for players of all skill levels seeking maximum distance and effortless control.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Understable Flight: Easily achieve turnovers and hyzer-flips for incredible distance potential.
  • High Speed: Maintains speed throughout the flight for extended glides and effortless throws.
  • Long Glide: Maximizes distance and allows for smooth, predictable finishes.
  • Air Spectrum Plastic: Premium, lightweight blend that enhances glide and adds a stunning visual appeal.
  • Wide Weight Range (148g-162g): Choose the perfect weight for your arm speed and playing style.

Why Choose the D4 Air Spectrum:

  • Effortless Distance: The understable nature and lightweight design make it easy for players of all skill levels to achieve maximum distance.
  • Versatile Flight: Can be used for a variety of shots, including turnovers, hyzer-flips, and straight-flying bombs.
  • Premium Plastic: The Air Spectrum blend offers a comfortable grip, enhanced glide, and a beautiful appearance.

Who Should Consider the D4 Air Spectrum:

  • Beginners: The understable flight makes it easy to throw far and achieve consistent results.
  • Experienced Players: Can utilize the D4 for strategic shot shaping and maximizing distance in various conditions.
  • Anyone Seeking Maximum Distance: The D4 Air Spectrum is designed to help you achieve your longest throws.

Experience the effortless distance and control of the Prodigy D4 Air Spectrum and add a touch of beauty to your game.

Weight 158 g





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