The Prodigy 500 Spectrum X4 is a slightly understable, high-speed distance driver designed for maximum distance and control.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Understable Flight: Ideal for hyzer flips, turnovers, and long, straight drives with minimal effort.
  • High Glide: Maximizes distance potential and extends flight time.
  • Thin Profile and Comfortable Feel: Enhances grip and control for all players.
  • 500 Spectrum Plastic: Vibrant colors and exceptional durability.
  • Suitable for All Skill Levels: Beginners can achieve greater distance, while experienced players can shape versatile shots.

Who Should Consider the 500 Spectrum X4:

  • Players with lower arm speeds: Can easily generate distance and turnover shots.
  • Those seeking an understable driver for maximum distance: Achieve longer throws with less effort.
  • Players who prefer a comfortable, thin profile: Enhances grip and control.

Why Choose the 500 Spectrum X4:

  • Maximize Distance: The understable flight and high glide help players achieve their longest drives.
  • Versatile Shot Shaping: Hyzer flips, turnovers, and straight shots are all possible with this driver.
  • Exceptional Feel: The thin profile and 500 Spectrum plastic provide a comfortable, confident grip.

Experience the effortless distance and control of the Prodigy 500 Spectrum X4 and add a vibrant touch to your game.

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Green & Pink Swirl, Orange & Red Swirl, Green & Blue Swirl


173, 172, 174


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