The Prodigy Disc PA-3 is our top-selling putt & approach disc, renowned for its ability to deliver laser-straight, stable flight paths directly toward the basket. With a beaded rim, the PA-3 is a universal favorite among disc golfers at all levels. Each disc in the Prodigy Disc PA Series Putt & Approach lineup is crafted with a specific purpose in mind, ensuring that no matter the angle or strategy needed to reach the basket, there’s a disc designed to meet the challenge. These discs excel in putting, upshots, and short drives, making them versatile tools in any player’s bag.

The 500 Plastic, a result of extensive development and player input, offers a stiffer, less gummy texture compared to our 400 Plastic. This formulation ensures an exceptionally confident grip on the flight plate, achieving the perfect balance of flexibility and firmness. The rim feels very solid, enhancing the overall throwing experience. Disc golfers will appreciate the quality and feel of this plastic. Additionally, the Spectrum version of the 500 Plastic showcases Prodigy’s vibrant coloring process, featuring bright, colorful swirls that make each disc visually stunning as well as performance-oriented.

Weight 174 g

Orange & Pink / Teal & Red Stamp




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