The Prodigy 400 FX-2 is a unique and powerful fairway driver, designed in collaboration with two-time DGPT Champion Chris Dickerson. It stands out in the Prodigy lineup with its deeper rim, offering a comfortable feel for both backhand and forehand throws.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Deeper Rim Design: Provides a secure grip and enhances control for players of all skill levels.
  • Versatile Flight: Offers a long, straight flight with a medium, predictable finish.
  • Handles Power Well: Maintains stability even at high speeds, making it suitable for powerful throwers.
  • Accessible to All Skill Levels: The upcoming availability of lighter weights will cater to players with varying arm speeds.
  • 400 Plastic: Durable and reliable material that withstands regular use.

Why Choose the 400 FX-2:

  • Unique Feel: The deeper rim provides a comfortable and secure grip, unlike any other Prodigy driver.
  • Consistent Performance: Offers reliable distance and accuracy, making it a valuable addition to any bag.
  • Co-Designed by a Champion: Developed with input from Chris Dickerson, ensuring top-tier performance and design.

Who Should Consider the 400 FX-2:

  • Players Seeking a Unique Fairway Driver: The deeper rim and versatile flight make it a standout option.
  • Those Who Prefer a Comfortable Grip: The FX-2’s design caters to both backhand and forehand throwers.
  • Players of All Skill Levels: The FX-2’s versatility and upcoming lighter weight options make it accessible to everyone.

Elevate your game with the Prodigy 400 FX-2 and experience the unique feel and performance that sets it apart from the rest.

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