The Prodigy Disc MX-3 is a slightly overstable, beaded midrange disc designed for exceptional controllability and performance. This disc meets the high standards of professional players, yet offers benefits to players of all skill levels.

Engineered to resist torque, the MX-3 is ideal for players who apply substantial force to their throws and need a disc that won’t turnover easily. It performs excellently in headwinds, maintaining a slightly overstable to straight flight path while still delivering a remarkable amount of glide, particularly effective when thrown on anhyzer and flex lines. The beaded rim of the MX-3 ensures a comfortable grip, smooth release, and consistent stability throughout the flight.

As a pioneering model in the MX Series, the MX-3 sets the stage for future releases in this line. Comparatively, it offers similar stability to the M2 from the M Series Midrange discs but with added glide and a later fade in its flight path. Expand and enhance your midrange game with the new Prodigy MX-3.

Weight N/A

Purple / Gold Dots stamp, Gray / Rainbow stamp, Gray / Holo stamp, Peach / Blue stars stamp


177, 179, 180, 175


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