300 M4 – Your Go-To Disc for Finesse and Precision

Unlock your midrange potential with the Prodigy M4, a reliable straight-to-understable disc designed for accuracy and shot shaping.

The M4’s comfortable grip and predictable flight path inspire confidence, making it the perfect choice for navigating tight fairways and executing smooth anhyzers.

Crafted from premium 300 plastic, this M4 offers an unparalleled feel and control, allowing you to effortlessly carve through wooded courses and dial in your approach game.

Whether you’re hyzer-flipping for a pinpoint straight shot or unleashing a gentle turnover, the M4’s versatility will help you master every line.

Elevate your disc golf experience with the Prodigy 300 M4 – the ultimate midrange disc for players seeking accuracy, finesse, and endless shot shaping possibilities.

Weight N/A

Yellow / Silver stamp, Purple / Holo stamp


177, 180


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