The Prodigy Disc PA-3 is our best-selling putt & approach disc, known for its ability to achieve laser-straight, stable flights directly toward the basket. Ideal for both putting and approaching, the PA-3 is equipped with a beaded rim and is favored by disc golfers across all skill levels.

The 300 Firm Plastic (formerly known as 350G Plastic) is a firmer iteration of the 300 Plastic, designed for players who prefer the tactile, grippy nature of the original but in a stiffer form. This unique blend offers a tacky feel and enhanced stiffness, setting it apart as a superior choice among baseline resins currently available on the market. Developed through a collaborative effort involving World Champions, Major Champions, and National Tour Champions, this plastic is engineered to wear in perfectly over time. Additionally, the 300 Firm Plastic maintains its excellent grip, even under wet conditions, making it a reliable option in various playing environments.

Weight 173 g

Pink / Orange Stamp




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