MVP Macro Tesla (Plasma Plastic):

Experience the power of distance and the allure of advanced polymer technology with the MVP Macro Tesla in Plasma plastic. This scaled-down version of the renowned MVP Tesla driver, designed specifically for Macro Disc Golf, now boasts a striking metallic sheen and a semi-gummy, grippy feel thanks to the innovative Plasma plastic.

Key Features:

  • Stable-Overstable Flight: Delivers a reliable and predictable fade, even with powerful throws, ensuring consistent performance in various conditions.
  • Plasma Plastic: Advanced Disc Golf Polymer with a metallic sheen, semi-gummy grip, high durability, and color-shifting tones in select options.
  • Macro-Scaled Design: Conforms to PDGA regulations for mini markers while offering a comfortable grip and natural throwing motion.
  • Exceptional Distance Potential: Tested at extraordinary distances by MVP’s design team, the Macro Tesla is a true distance machine for its size.
  • Unique Design: The only MVP disc in the Macro Disc class, making it a standout addition to your bag.


  • Maximize Distance: The Macro Tesla’s stability and aerodynamic design, combined with the grip and durability of Plasma plastic, allow for powerful throws and impressive distance potential in the macro format.
  • Reliable Fade: The overstable nature of the Macro Tesla ensures a consistent and dependable fade, keeping your shots on target even with high-powered throws.
  • Predictable Flight: The Macro Tesla’s flight characteristics make it easy to shape your shots and achieve consistent results.
  • Enhanced Grip and Feel: The semi-gummy, grippy texture of Plasma plastic provides a comfortable and secure hold, even in challenging conditions.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The metallic sheen and color-shifting tones of Plasma plastic make the Macro Tesla a visually stunning addition to your collection.

Who Should Consider the Macro Tesla (Plasma Plastic):

  • Macro Disc Golfers: Designed specifically for the growing sport of Macro Disc Golf, the Macro Tesla is a must-have for enthusiasts and competitors alike.
  • Fans of the MVP Tesla: Experience the legendary Tesla driver in a miniature format, perfect for practice, casual play, or competitive macro disc golf.
  • Those Seeking a Powerful Mini Marker: The Macro Tesla’s exceptional distance potential and stability make it a versatile tool for marking your lie on the course.
  • Disc Golfers Who Appreciate Advanced Technology: The Plasma plastic offers a unique feel and eye-catching aesthetics for a truly premium experience.

Embrace the power of distance, the allure of advanced technology, and the beauty of Plasma plastic with the MVP Macro Tesla. This innovative and exciting disc will revolutionize your macro disc golf game, allowing you to achieve impressive distance and accuracy with a unique and reliable design that’s as captivating as it is functional.

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Green & Teal, Orange & Red




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