MVP Motion (Neutron Plastic):

The MVP Motion is an overstable distance driver designed to deliver consistent performance and reliable fade in any condition. Whether you’re facing powerful headwinds or unleashing a full-power drive, the Motion resists turning over, offering a long, straight flight followed by a predictable fade.

Key Features:

  • Overstable Flight: Resists turning over even at high speeds, providing a reliable and predictable fade.
  • Long Straight Travel: Maintains a consistent line for an extended period before fading reliably.
  • Neutron Plastic: MVP’s most popular plastic blend, offering a perfect balance of grip, durability, and flexibility.
  • Enhanced GYRO® Effect: Improves stability and reduces turn, allowing for consistent performance in all conditions.
  • Versatile Utility: Serves as a reliable utility driver for average-power throwers and a powerful workhorse for those with higher arm speeds.


  • Confidence in the Wind: The Motion’s overstability makes it a reliable choice in windy conditions, holding its line and fighting against turnovers.
  • Accurate Shot Placement: The consistent fade ensures your shots land where you intend them to, even with maximum power.
  • Increased Distance Potential: Despite its overstability, the Motion offers impressive glide for maximizing distance.
  • Reliable Forehand Driver: Forehand throwers will appreciate the Motion’s torque resistance and consistent fade.

Who Should Consider the Motion (Neutron Plastic):

  • Players Seeking an Overstable Distance Driver: The Motion’s reliable fade and control make it a go-to option for confident drives in various conditions.
  • Power Throwers: The Motion’s stability is ideal for players with high arm speeds who want a disc that won’t turn over.
  • Those Who Play in Windy Conditions: The Motion’s wind-fighting capabilities make it a reliable choice for battling headwinds.
  • Forehand Throwers: The Motion’s overstability and torque resistance make it a great option for forehand drives.

Experience the power and precision of the MVP Motion in Neutron plastic, a versatile and dependable distance driver that excels in all conditions.

Weight N/A

White / Black rim, White / Black rim, Yellow / Black rim, Yellow / Black rim, Red / Black rim


165-169, 155-159, 165-169, 155-159, 165-169


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