MVP Photon Elaine King Signature Series: Unleash Unrivaled Power and Precision with Fission Microbubble Technology

Embrace the legacy of a champion with the MVP Photon Elaine King Signature Series, a high-speed distance driver crafted for players who demand nothing less than excellence. Engineered with cutting-edge Fission Microbubble technology and bearing the signature of 5x World Champion Elaine King, this disc is a testament to innovation and performance.

Key Features:

  • Fission Microbubble Technology
  • Longer Tesla Flight
  • Headwind Resistant
  • Reliable Fade
  • Gyro™ Technology
  • Elaine King Signature Series

Ideal For:

  • Experienced Players
  • Distance Seekers
  • Headwind Warriors
  • Collectors


  • Speed: 11
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -1.5
  • Fade: 2.5

Elevate your game with the MVP Photon Elaine King Signature Series and experience the thrill of conquering every course with unmatched power, precision, and the legacy of a champion.

Weight N/A

White / Black rim, Yellow / Black rim, Gray / Black rim, Gray / Black rim, Orange / Black rim, Orange / Black rim


165-169, 165-169, 165-169, 160-164, 165-169, 160-164


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