MVP Relay (Cosmic Neutron Plastic):

The MVP Relay in Cosmic Neutron plastic is a versatile and easy-to-throw fairway driver designed to accommodate a wide range of skill levels and throwing styles. Featuring a slim 16mm rim, it offers a comfortable grip and surprising control, while its stable-understable flight path caters to both beginners and experienced players alike. The Cosmic Neutron plastic adds a stunning swirl of colors, making this disc as beautiful as it is functional.

Key Features:

  • Stable-Understable Flight: Provides a predictable and controllable flight path with a gentle turn and subtle fade.
  • Slim 16mm Rim: Offers a comfortable and ergonomic grip for maximum control and ease of release.
  • Versatile Performance: Suitable for both straight shots and controlled turnovers, making it adaptable to various playing styles and situations.
  • Cosmic Neutron Plastic: MVP’s premium Neutron plastic blend with a mesmerizing swirl of colors, adding a touch of cosmic beauty to your game.
  • Enhanced GYRO® Effect: Improves stability and reduces turn, providing consistent performance even as the disc wears in.


  • Effortless Distance: The Relay’s understable nature and easy-to-throw design allow players of all skill levels to achieve impressive distance with minimal effort.
  • Controlled Flight: The stable-understable flight path provides a predictable and reliable fade, ensuring accuracy and control even with lower power throws.
  • Versatile Shot Shaping: The Relay’s adaptable flight path makes it a valuable tool for a variety of shots, from straight drives to controlled turnovers and hyzer flips.
  • Comfortable Grip: The slim 16mm rim offers a comfortable and secure grip, even for players with smaller hands.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The Cosmic Neutron plastic’s mesmerizing swirl pattern adds a unique and eye-catching touch to your disc collection.

Who Should Consider the Relay (Cosmic Neutron Plastic):

  • Beginners: The Relay’s easy-to-throw design and forgiving flight path make it an excellent choice for learning and developing fairway driver skills.
  • Experienced Players: The Relay’s versatility and control offer experienced players a reliable tool for shot shaping and navigating various courses.
  • Power Throwers: The Relay can handle high-speed throws, providing a predictable flip and turn for experienced players.
  • Anyone Seeking a Versatile Fairway Driver: The Relay’s adaptable flight path, comfortable grip, and consistent performance make it a valuable addition to any disc golf bag.

Experience the effortless control, versatile performance, and stunning beauty of the MVP Relay in Cosmic Neutron plastic and unlock your full potential on the course.

Weight N/A

Yellow & Orange, Red & Orange, Green, Yellow & Orange, Green & Blue, Green & Orange, Hot Pink & Green, Red & Green, Pink & Green, Pink & Green


165-169, 165-169, 155-159, 155-159, 170-172, 173-175, 165-169, 165-169, 170-172


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