MVP Photon (Cosmic Neutron): Experience Stellar Distance and Vibrancy

Ignite your game with the MVP Photon in stunning Cosmic Neutron plastic. This high-speed distance driver blends exceptional performance with a mesmerizing swirl of colors, making it a standout choice for both distance and aesthetics.

Key Features:

  • Cosmic Neutron Plastic: This premium blend offers exceptional durability, a comfortable grip, and a captivating display of vibrant colors that swirl and shift with every throw.
  • Longer Tesla Flight: The Photon is often compared to a “longer Tesla,” as it offers a similar blend of stability and distance potential. With enough power, it will exhibit a subtle turn before fading reliably at the end of its flight.
  • Headwind Resistant: The Photon’s natural stability and durable Cosmic Neutron plastic make it a formidable weapon against headwinds, allowing it to maintain its course even in challenging conditions.
  • Reliable Fade: No matter your arm speed, the Photon delivers a consistent fade, ensuring predictable and controlled landings.
  • Gyro™ Technology: Equipped with MVP’s innovative Gyro™ technology, the Photon’s overmold rim enhances stability and provides a consistent feel in all weather conditions.

Ideal For:

  • Experienced Players: The Photon’s high speed and stability make it best suited for players with advanced throwing techniques and substantial arm speed.
  • Distance Seekers: If you’re looking to maximize your distance potential and tackle long fairways with confidence, the Photon is your ideal companion.
  • Headwind Warriors: When the wind picks up, the Photon won’t back down. It excels in challenging conditions, allowing you to maintain control and accuracy.
  • Aesthetic Enthusiasts: The Cosmic Neutron plastic adds a unique visual appeal to this already exceptional disc, making it a head-turner on the course.


  • Speed: 11
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -1.5
  • Fade: 2.5
Weight N/A

Orange & Gray, Orange & Gray, Orange & Pink, Green & Yellow, Blue & Green, Yellow & Green, Green & Yellow, Teal & Yellow, Yellow & Blue, Orange & Gray, Teal & Yellow, Red & Green, Pink & Gray, Teal & Blue


170-172, 160-164, 160-164, 160-164, 155-159, 155-159, 170-172, 170-172, 170-172, 166-169, 166-169, 170-172, 166-169, 166-169


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