Kastaplast Reko X (K3 Line Plastic):

The Kastaplast Reko X, a variation of the classic Reko putter, takes your game to new heights with its unique concave wing design and reliable K3 Line plastic. Building upon the Reko’s reputation for comfort and consistency, the Reko X offers enhanced grip and improved performance in windy conditions, making it a valuable asset for any disc golfer.

Key Features:

  • Concave Wing Design: Provides a distinct and secure grip, enhancing control and feel during release.
  • Improved Wind Resistance: The concave wing helps the Reko X cut through headwinds with greater ease, maintaining stability and accuracy in challenging conditions.
  • Familiar Feel: Retains the comfortable rounded profile and smooth bead of the original Reko.
  • K3 Line Plastic: Offers a grippy, medium soft feel for enhanced control in all weather conditions.
  • Versatile Design: Suitable for putting, approach shots, and even short drives with a hyzer-flip release.


  • Enhanced Grip and Control: The concave wing design provides a unique and secure grip, promoting consistent release and spin.
  • Windy Day Performance: Confidently tackle windy conditions with the Reko X’s improved wind resistance, maintaining accuracy and control.
  • Familiar Comfort: Enjoy the same comfortable feel as the original Reko with the added benefits of the concave wing.
  • All-Weather Performance: The K3 Line plastic maintains its grip even in wet or challenging conditions, ensuring consistent performance year-round.

Who Should Consider the Reko X (K3 Line Plastic):

  • Players Seeking Enhanced Grip: The concave wing design offers a unique and comfortable grip for greater control.
  • Those Who Play in Windy Conditions: The Reko X’s improved wind resistance makes it a reliable choice for battling the elements.
  • Anyone Looking for a Reliable Putter: The Reko X builds upon the Reko’s legacy of consistency and performance, making it a valuable addition to any disc golf bag.

Experience the enhanced grip, improved wind resistance, and reliable performance of the Kastaplast Reko X in K3 Line plastic and elevate your putting game with a putter designed for control, comfort, and confidence in any condition.

Weight 172 g





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