Kastaplast Stig (K1 Line Plastic):

Conquer tight fairways and narrow gaps with the Kastaplast Stig, a reliable and understable midrange driver designed for precision and control. With its effortless glide and predictable flight path, the Stig empowers you to navigate challenging courses with confidence and finesse.

Key Features:

  • Understable Flight: Offers a smooth, consistent turn and minimal fade, making it perfect for tight fairways and tunnel shots.
  • Exceptional Glide: Maximizes distance potential and delivers a smooth, floating feel for effortless throws.
  • Reliable Performance: Provides a predictable flight path for confident shot shaping and precise placement.
  • K1 Line Plastic: Kastaplast’s signature blend, offering exceptional grip, durability, and a perfect balance of firmness and gumminess.
  • Versatile Design: Suitable for straight shots, gentle hyzers, turnovers, and touchy approaches.


  • Improved Accuracy: The Stig’s understable flight and reliable fade allow for precise placement and consistent results, even in tight spaces.
  • Enhanced Distance: Achieve impressive distance with minimal effort, thanks to the Stig’s exceptional glide.
  • Confident Control: The predictable flight path and comfortable grip empower you to execute your shots with precision.
  • Durability and Longevity: The K1 Line plastic ensures the Stig can withstand consistent use and maintain its performance over time.

Who Should Consider the Stig (K1 Line Plastic):

  • Beginners: The Stig’s understable flight and forgiving nature make it easy to learn and control, helping new players develop their midrange skills.
  • Experienced Players: The Stig’s versatility and control offer experienced players a reliable tool for navigating tight fairways and shaping creative shots.
  • Anyone Seeking a Reliable Midrange: The Stig’s consistent performance, comfortable feel, and understable flight make it a valuable addition to any disc golf bag.

Follow your path with confidence and precision with the Kastaplast Stig in K1 Line plastic. This understable midrange driver will help you conquer tight fairways, navigate obstacles, and elevate your game to new heights.

Weight 175 g

Blue / Silver stamp




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