Kastaplast Berg (K1 Soft Plastic):

The Kastaplast Berg, meaning “mountain” in Swedish, is a unique putter designed for precise and controlled shots. Its standout feature is the ergonomic thumb track, providing a comfortable and secure grip while ensuring a consistent release. The K1 Soft plastic adds a grippy and flexible feel, enhancing your control and confidence on every putt.

Key Features:

  • Distinct Shot Design: Ideal for pinpoint accuracy and controlled approaches, preventing overshooting the basket.
  • Ergonomic Thumb Track: Offers a comfortable and secure grip, promoting consistent release and spin.
  • K1 Soft Plastic: Provides a grippy and flexible feel for enhanced control in all conditions.
  • Versatile Performance: Suitable for putting, approach shots, and even short drives.
  • Unique Feel: The thumb track design sets the Berg apart from other putters, offering a distinct and comfortable experience.


  • Improved Accuracy: The Berg’s stable flight and lack of excessive glide help you achieve consistent and precise putts.
  • Enhanced Control: The ergonomic thumb track and grippy K1 Soft plastic provide a secure hold and promote a smooth, controlled release.
  • Confidence-Inspiring Feel: The unique design and comfortable grip instill confidence in every putt, allowing you to focus on your form and technique.
  • All-Weather Performance: The K1 Soft plastic maintains its grip and flexibility in various conditions, ensuring reliable performance year-round.

Who Should Consider the Berg (K1 Soft Plastic):

  • Players Seeking Precision: The Berg’s unique design and stable flight are perfect for players who prioritize accuracy and control.
  • Those Who Prefer a Unique Feel: The ergonomic thumb track offers a distinct and comfortable grip that sets the Berg apart from other putters.
  • Anyone Looking for a Versatile Putter: The Berg’s reliable performance and comfortable grip make it a versatile tool for putting, approaching, and even short drives.

Experience the precision and control of the Kastaplast Berg in K1 Soft plastic and elevate your putting game with a putter designed for accuracy, comfort, and a unique feel.

Weight 172 g





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