Kastaplast Rask (K1 Line Plastic):

The Kastaplast Rask, meaning “fast” in Swedish, defies conventional wisdom about disc speed and rim width. This high-speed distance driver boasts a narrow 22mm rim yet delivers exceptional velocity and distance potential. Designed for experienced players with powerful throws, the Rask is a true headwind bomber that demands respect and rewards those who can harness its speed.

Key Features:

  • High Speed: Kastaplast’s fastest disc, capable of incredible distance with the right power and technique.
  • Narrow Rim (22mm): Offers a comfortable grip and surprising speed despite its slim profile.
  • Overstable Flight: Resists turning over and provides a reliable, predictable fade for confident control.
  • K1 Line Plastic: Kastaplast’s signature blend, offering exceptional grip, durability, and a perfect balance of firmness and gumminess.
  • Unique Aerodynamics: The innovative “Rask Bump” on the bottom flight plate reduces drag and enhances speed.


  • Maximum Distance: The Rask’s high speed and aerodynamic design allow for powerful throws and impressive distance potential.
  • Reliable Fade: The overstable nature ensures consistent and predictable results, even in headwinds or with high-power throws.
  • Unique Feel: The narrow rim and innovative “Rask Bump” offer a distinct feel and flight characteristic that sets the Rask apart from other distance drivers.
  • Durability and Longevity: The K1 Line plastic ensures the Rask can withstand consistent use and maintain its performance over time.

Who Should Consider the Rask (K1 Line Plastic):

  • Experienced Players: The Rask is designed for players with developed technique and sufficient arm speed to harness its full potential.
  • Power Throwers: The Rask’s high speed and overstability make it ideal for players who can generate significant power in their throws.
  • Those Seeking Maximum Distance: The Rask is a true distance machine, capable of reaching distances few other discs can match.

Embrace the power and speed of the Kastaplast Rask in K1 Line plastic and push the boundaries of your distance game. This unique and challenging disc rewards those who can master its speed and control, offering a truly exhilarating experience on the course.

Weight N/A

Hot Pink, Yellow


165-169, 173-175


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