Kastaplast Guld (K1 Line Plastic):

The Kastaplast Guld, meaning “gold” in Swedish, is an overstable distance driver designed to unleash your power and maximize distance on every drive. With its wider 24mm rim and low profile design, the Guld delivers exceptional speed and glide, even into headwinds, making it a true workhorse for experienced players seeking consistent distance.

Key Features:

  • Overstable Flight: Offers a reliable and predictable fade, ensuring consistent performance and control in various conditions.
  • Wide Rim (24mm): Provides a comfortable grip and a larger surface area for enhanced power transfer and increased speed.
  • Low Profile: Allows for a comfortable release and reduces drag for maximum distance potential.
  • K1 Line Plastic: Kastaplast’s signature blend, offering exceptional grip, durability, and a perfect balance of firmness and gumminess.
  • Wind Resistant: The Guld’s overstability and aerodynamic design help it maintain its flight path even in challenging wind conditions.


  • Maximize Distance: The Guld’s high speed, wider rim, and low profile design combine to deliver exceptional distance potential.
  • Reliable Fade: The overstable nature of the Guld ensures a consistent and dependable fade, keeping your shots on target even with high-powered throws.
  • Predictable Flight: The Guld’s flight characteristics make it easy to shape your shots and achieve consistent results.
  • Durability and Longevity: The K1 Line plastic ensures the Guld can withstand consistent use and maintain its performance over time.

Who Should Consider the Guld (K1 Line Plastic):

  • Experienced Players: The Guld is designed for players with developed technique and sufficient arm speed to harness its full potential.
  • Power Throwers: The Guld’s wider rim and overstability make it ideal for players who can generate significant power in their throws.
  • Those Seeking Maximum Distance: The Guld is a true distance machine, capable of reaching distances few other discs can match.
  • Players Who Play in Windy Conditions: The Guld’s overstability makes it a reliable choice for battling headwinds and maintaining control in adverse conditions.

Unleash your power and conquer the fairway with the Kastaplast Guld in K1 Line plastic. This overstable distance driver will help you achieve maximum distance, consistent results, and unwavering confidence in your throws.

Weight N/A

Hot Pink / Silver stamp, Hot Pink / Blue stamp, Green, White, Purple, Blue, Yellow


173-175, 170-172


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