Kastaplast Falk (K1 Plastic):

The Kastaplast Falk, named after the majestic falcon, is a versatile fairway driver designed to fit the skills and power of a wide range of players. Now available in Kastaplast’s durable and grippy K1 plastic, the Falk offers a comfortable feel and reliable performance in all weather conditions. Its comfortable grip and 19mm rim width make it suitable for various hand sizes and throwing styles.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Flight: Offers a reliable and predictable flight path, making it suitable for various shot shapes and skill levels.
  • Comfortable Grip: The ergonomic design and 19mm rim width provide a comfortable and secure grip for a variety of hand sizes and throwing styles.
  • K1 Plastic: Kastaplast’s signature blend, offering exceptional grip, durability, and a perfect balance of firmness and gumminess.
  • Exceptional Glide: Delivers impressive distance potential and smooth, controlled flights.
  • Ideal for Various Shots: Excels at glidey tailwind shots, long anhyzer lines, and hyzer-flip drives.


  • Improved Accuracy: The Falk’s predictable flight path and the enhanced grip of K1 plastic enable precise shot placement and consistent results.
  • Enhanced Distance: Achieve impressive distance with minimal effort thanks to the Falk’s exceptional glide.
  • Versatile Shot Shaping: The Falk’s neutral stability allows for a variety of shot shapes, making it adaptable to different courses and conditions.
  • Durability and Longevity: The K1 plastic ensures the Falk can withstand wear and tear for countless rounds.

Who Should Consider the Falk (K1 Plastic):

  • Players of All Skill Levels: Whether you’re a beginner looking to develop your fairway game or a seasoned pro seeking a reliable workhorse, the Falk is an excellent choice.
  • Those Seeking a Reliable Fairway Driver: The Falk’s consistent performance and comfortable grip make it a dependable option for any disc golf bag.
  • Players Who Appreciate a Balanced Feel: The K1 plastic offers a perfect blend of grip, durability, and comfort, making the Falk a pleasure to throw.

Experience the versatility and precision of the Kastaplast Falk in K1 plastic and elevate your game with a disc designed for control, comfort, and confidence.

Weight N/A

Blue, White, Yellow


173-175, 170-172


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