Introducing the James Conrad Electron Soft Envy, a remarkable disc designed to enhance your game from tee to basket. This putter is perfect for driving off the tee and making precise approaches. Crafted in Electron plastic, the Envy maintains a straighter flight path and gradually transforms into a beautifully understable flyer as it wears. This dynamic allows players to cycle it in and out of their bag, adapting as the disc evolves with use.

Now featuring the signature of James Conrad, the 2021 World Champion, this version of the Envy has quickly become a fan favorite. By choosing this disc, you’re not only elevating your own game but also supporting James Conrad on his tour, contributing to the journey of a world-class athlete.

Axiom describes this run as a perfect match between the best driving putter in disc golf and the best putter thrower in the game. The Electron Envy starts off slightly overstable but wears into a precision tool that can cover all required shots, making it a must-have in any golfer’s arsenal. Already beloved by fans before the Greatest Shot in Disc Golf History, the Electron Envy now also serves as a direct support to James Conrad’s touring efforts.

Pick up a James Conrad Electron Soft Envy today. It’s not just a disc—it’s an upgrade to your game, honoring a champion’s legacy and possibly changing how you play disc golf forever.

Weight N/A

Yellow / Red rim, Red / Purple rim, Pink / Pink rim, Red / Orange rim, Orange / Green rim, Purple / Yellow rim, Red / Blue rim, Red / Red rim


170-172, 173-175, 165-169


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