Features of Innova Halo Star Firebird

Innova’s Halo Star Firebird is a must-have for every disc golfer looking for a reliable mid-range disc. The Firebird features Innova’s trademark grip, control, and excellent glide capabilities, making it the perfect choice for tight fairway shots. Its neutral flight pattern also makes it an ideal disc for handling strong headwinds or accurate flex shots. Innova has put together an exquisite combination of speed, glide, and precision to create this driver.

Thanks to Innova’s cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, the durability of the Innova Halo Star Firebird helps it stay in mint condition over multiple rounds of play. For those looking for a top-notch vehicle to reach their destination faster, Innova has you covered with its classic Disc Golf masterpiece – Innova Halo Star Firebird. Experience improved accuracy as an amateur or add extra distance with increased control as a pro—the Innova Halo Star Firebird caters to players of all skill levels without sacrificing power or accuracy. Discover a whole new level of badminton mastery with the Innova Halo Star Firebird today.


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