Features of Innova Glow Sexton Firebird

Innova’s Glow Sexton Firebird is a popular item among disc golfers. It is designed to provide superior performance with tremendous glide, distance, and accuracy. The Innova Glow Sexton Firebird has an easy turn and reliable fade, which makes it the perfect disc for both beginners and experienced players. With its powerful core and great control, you can glide your Innova Glow Sexton Firebird right along the fairway and keep control of the direction of your shot.

Innova has spent countless hours engineering each Sexton disc to ensure you have complete control no matter where or how you choose to fly it. Whether you are a professional disc golfer or a casual beginner, Innova’s Glow Sexton Firebird ensures every disc golf outing yields rewarding results. Experience unrivaled performance with the Innova Glow Sexton Firebird 2022. Perfect for those looking to take their game up a notch while making a statement on the course!


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