Features of Discmania Exo Soft Tactic

Discmania has released their Discmania Exo Soft Tactic Disc—an innovative product that provides Disc Golfers with ultimate control. This Disc features Discmania’s patented EXO Technology, a softer plastic blend providing more grip and control in all situations on the disc golf course. Disc Golfers will find added stability and glide on drives and upshots, making it an ideal tool for accurate controlling.

The Disc also boasts additional stability on approaches, increased glide in strong headwinds, and improved grip in wet conditions. In summary, the Discmania Exo Soft Tactic is an excellent addition to any Disc Golfer’s arsenal that provides unparalleled control. You can dependably trust its Evolution material for long-lasting durability that will last through all kinds of weather conditions. Get ready to hit your game off the charts with incredible performance and look cool doing so with the Discmania Exo Soft Tactic!

Weight 180 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 0.5 in




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