Features of the ESP Vulture Disc

The Disc boasts a number of features that make it stand out among other disc golf drivers on the market. Its comfortable grip and sleek design make it easy to throw, while its stability and reliable flight ensure that it stays on the right path.

One of the standout features of the Disc is its high level of control. Whether you’re throwing a forehand or backhand shot, this disc will provide the stability and accuracy you need to hit your target. Its overstable flight ensures that it won’t turn over, even in strong winds, and provides a predictable fade at the end of the flight.

The Disc also features a unique rim design that maximizes the disc’s aerodynamic properties. Its wide rim and flat top provide excellent glide and distance, allowing you to throw farther and more accurately than ever before. Its high speed rating and excellent stability make it perfect for long drives, while its reliable fade ensures that it stays on course, even on tricky holes.

In addition to its impressive flight characteristics, the Disc is also built to last. Made from premium materials, this disc is highly durable and can withstand the wear and tear of regular use. Its ESP plastic blend provides a consistent feel and grip, even in wet conditions, making it the perfect all-weather disc.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner just starting out in the world of disc golf, the  Disc is an excellent choice. Its high level of control, impressive stability, and reliable flight make it a go-to driver for many players. And with its durable build quality and excellent design, you can trust that it will last for many rounds to come.

In summary, the Disc is a high-quality disc golf driver that promises to take your game to the next level. Its unique design, impressive flight characteristics, and durable build quality make it an excellent choice for any player looking to improve their game. So why wait? Add the ESP Vulture Disc to your bag today and see the difference it can make on the course!

Weight 185 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 0.5 in


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