Features of the ESP Anax

This  is designed for disc golfers who want to achieve maximum distance and accuracy. Its advanced construction and precise shape ensure that it delivers optimal speed, glide, and stability, making it a top choice for serious disc golfers.

One of the key features of the disc is its stability. This disc is designed to hold a straight flight path, even in windy conditions, making it a reliable choice for long-range throws. Its high speed rating also means that it can cut through the air with ease, allowing you to achieve maximum distance on every throw.

The discis made from high-quality ESP plastic material that provides excellent grip and control. Its durable outer layer helps to reduce drag and increase speed, making it an ideal choice for long-range throws.

As part of the Paul McBeth 6x Claw signature series, the ESP Anax Disc features a striking design that showcases McBeth’s legendary status in the disc golf world. It is also certified PDGA-approved, ensuring that you always play at your peak performance.

Overall, the disc is an exceptional disc golf disc that offers exceptional speed, distance, and control, along with a visually striking design. Its advanced construction and durable materials make it a reliable choice for disc golfers of all skill levels, while its signature series status makes it a valuable addition to any collection. So why wait? Order your ESP Anax Disc (Paul McBeth 6x Claw) today and experience the difference for yourself!

Weight 185 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 0.5 in


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Discraft 6x Claw Esp Anax (Paul McBeth 6x Claw) Esp Anax (Paul McBeth 6x Claw)


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