Clash Discs Wild Honey:

Unlock your distance potential with the Clash Discs Wild Honey, an understable distance driver designed to maximize your throws, regardless of your arm speed. This driver delivers effortless distance and a beautiful S-curve flight path, making it a valuable tool for both beginners and experienced players seeking to add effortless meters to their drives.

Key Features:

  • Understable Flight: Effortlessly achieve a long, gliding S-curve with minimal power.
  • Accessible Design: Ideal for players with slower arm speeds seeking maximum distance.
  • High Glide: Maximizes flight time and distance potential with a gentle, floating feel.
  • Smooth Turning Flight: Creates a beautiful S-curve when released with a slight hyzer angle.
  • Versatile Performance: Can be used for a variety of shots, including long straight drives, turnovers, and gentle hyzer-flips.


  • Effortless Distance: The Wild Honey’s understable nature allows players with lower arm speeds to achieve impressive distance with minimal effort.
  • Beautiful Flight Path: Experience the thrill of watching your disc glide gracefully through the air with a smooth S-curve.
  • Increased Confidence: The Wild Honey’s forgiving flight path boosts confidence and allows players to focus on their form and technique.
  • Versatility: Adapt the Wild Honey to various situations on the course, from open fields to wooded fairways.

Who Should Consider the Wild Honey:

  • Beginners: The Wild Honey’s understable flight and forgiving nature make it a great option for learning and developing your distance drives.
  • Players with Slower Arm Speeds: Unlock your distance potential with a driver designed for effortless throws.
  • Those Seeking a Beautiful S-Curve: Experience the graceful flight of the Wild Honey and add a touch of artistry to your game.

Experience the effortless distance and beautiful flight of the Clash Discs Wild Honey and discover the joy of watching your disc soar through the air.

Weight 172 g

Blue / Gold Stamp




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