Features of Innova Champion Valkyrie

The Innova Champion Valkyrie is an excellent choice for disc golfers who prioritize distance and power. With a maximum speed of 11, the Valkyrie will provide plenty of power off the tee while its signature turn rating of -2 helps dictate a straight flight path. Its durability is also impressive, due to Innova’s own DX plastic construction which offers stability in different weather conditions. Beyond being reliable from the tee, drivers who enjoy practice and skill development will find themselves improving with every throw using this versatile disc.

The Innova Champion Valkyrie is a great all-rounder choice for recreational or professional golfers looking for distance. Great agility and stability guarantee that even in turbulent weather conditions your performance won’t be compromised. Plus, its reliable grip lets you pull off any trick shots with ease. You’ll enjoy effortless driving over long distances due to its aerodynamic design and come in first place every time. Don’t settle for anything but superb performance; put your absolute trust in the Innova Champion Valkyrie today!

Weight 185 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 0.5 in



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