Features of Innova Champion Shryke

Innova Champion Shryke is a reliable high speed distance driver that performs exceptionally well in varying conditions. Innova prides itself on state-of-the-art technology that allows the Shryke to maintain its speed and stability for controllable distance drives time and time again. The low profile design and grip make Innova’s Shryke easier to handle, and its strength allows for effortless control when making hyzerflips as well as straight shots.

Innova Champion Shryke is perfect for reliable courses that call for strong, gentle throws and more creative shots off the tee. Advanced players will love this disc’s ability to place lines accurately and hold long anhyzers or hyzer flips with power and accuracy. With a dependable finish, you’re guaranteed tight lines time after time without fail. Whether you’re throwing long fairway shots or even upshots, rely on the Innova Champion Shryke to get the job done right every time. Take your game to the next level with the Innova Champion Shryke – the ultimate tool for superior performance!

Weight 185 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 0.5 in




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