Features of Nate Sexton Firebird 2021

Nate Sexton continues to elevate the disc golf game with his signature Nate Sexton Firebird 2021. This disc offers an incredibly dependable flight path and is a trusted midrange tool for all types of throwers. Its low profile combines with its shallow grip rim and refined molding to produce enhanced control and accuracy on approach shots.

Nate’s signature disc features champion plastic, providing extra durability and resilience that stands up in all types of weather conditions. The Nate Sexton Firebird 2021 is perfectly tuned for versatility allowing players to excel from multiple angles and get the position they desire. Get improved accuracy and more distance every time when you choose Innova Champion Glow Nate Sexton Firebird 2021!

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Blue Green / Red Stamp, Blue Green / Silver Stamp, Blue Green / Black



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