Features of Nate Sexton Firebird 2019

Nate Sexton Firebird 2019 is the perfect disc for intermediate and advanced players looking to increase their distance and precision. This coveted disc comes engineered with Innova’s signature low profile, allowing for extremely long drives with remarkable accuracy. It features a smooth outer rim that allows it to cut through headwinds and glide quite far in flight paths. Nate Sexton put an emphasis on improving grip, so they crafted this specific model with a comfortable feel that won’t slip away from your hand during windy conditions.

Nate Sexton Firebird 2019 is a powerful yet accurate disc designed to satisfy all skill levels of disc golfers alike. With its fast speeds, stable straight fin sheet, overstable 0 fade end flight path, and predictable finish are all designed for advanced and expert players to execute their most accurate trick shots. Take on any course with confidence knowing that the Champion Glow Nate Sexton Firebird 2019 provides excellent performance for every level of player. So, Why are you waiting for?



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