Features of Discmania C-Line MD3

Discmania C-Line MD3 discs are a prized collection among disc golfers. This disc is known for being multi-purpose, with a flight path that can handle a dependable S-Curve shot or hyzer flip into the basket. Discmania crafted it to be suitable for short drives as well as long-distance throws, which makes it an ideal out-of-the-box go-to driver across many terrain types and wind conditions. It has been engineered with Discmanias proprietary C-Line plastic, giving it superior grip in any temperature or climate and a controlled finish at end of its flight.

The Discmania C-Line MD3 is an all-around great pick for any Disc Golf enthusiast looking for reliability and performance on the course. Its medium depth gives it more control over distances and elevated shots as well as keeping a consistent flight that won’t fade when pushed to the limits. With its remarkable versatility and tactical abilities, the C-Line MD3 can adjust to fit anyone’s playing style. You’ll be sure to see improvement in no time. So Ready up those throwing arms for unrivaled performance with the Discmania C-Line MD3!

Weight 180 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 0.5 in





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C-Line MD3 (IS3) Discmania C-Line MD3 (IS3)
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