Features of Innova Blizzard Krait

Innova Blizzard Krait is the newest long-distance driver from Innova and features an increased GYRO™ Overmold feature to reduce high speed turn. Dedicated Innova enthusiasts will appreciate the improved control and glide it provides. Innova has also incorporated a more durable mold than previously seen, giving the Innova Blizzard Krait superior durability and added protection over time. The Innova Blizzard Krait truly brings a new level of power and precision for disc golfers of all levels. 

The advanced weighting helps create the best possible flight you could ask for – get ready to save time making shots with no inaccuracy. As you start to master more demanding throws, you’ll love how this disc will stay consistent in any condition. Whether you’re looking for maximum distance on your drive or seeking accurate fairway shots, Innova’s Blizzards are your best bet for mastering the game! Invest in your skills by investing in the Innova Blizzard Krait – a must-have for anyone serious about their disc golf game!

Weight 185 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 0.5 in




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Blizzard Krait Innova Blizzard Krait


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