Unleash your full potential on the disc golf course with the groundbreaking Special Edition Neutron Time-Lapse, the first 12-speed Distance Driver in the MVP Disc Sports lineup. This exclusive disc, envisioned by Mike Inscho and part of the Simon Line, is a game-changer for players who dare to break boundaries and aim for the extraordinary.

The Time-Lapse isn’t just a disc; it’s a statement. It boasts a stunning triple-foil design, symbolizing the power and precision it brings to your game. This disc is crafted to slice through the air, mirroring the relentless spirit of the Simon Line ethos. It’s not just about throwing; it’s about conquering the course with style.

Experience the perfect blend of speed and control. The Time-Lapse features GYRO Overmold Technology, offering unparalleled aerodynamics for those long, soaring flights. It’s not just fast; it’s smart. With enough glide and turn for impressive distances and a balanced fade for predictability, this disc is an all-around champion.

Comfort is key, and the Time-Lapse delivers. Its 22mm rim width is the sweet spot between speed and grip, ensuring a secure hold every time you throw. The gentle dome not only enhances the feel for backhand drives but also adds an extra glide, making each throw smooth and powerful.

Whether you’re a high-power player seeking a max-distance crusher or a more casual player looking for controlled drives, the Time-Lapse is versatile enough to suit all styles. It’s the disc that adapts to you, allowing every player to carve their unique path on the course.

Remember, the Special Edition Neutron Time-Lapse is a one-time release. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of disc golf history. Grab yours today and redefine your game with every throw!

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Blue Orange / Rainbow Stamp, White Pink / Rainbow Stamp, Red Blue / Rainbow Stamp, White Green / Holo Black Stamp, Green Blue / Holo Black Stamp, Gray White / Holo Black Stamp, Gray Peach / Holo Black Stamp


170-172, 173-175


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