Soft Neutron Proxy – The Proxy is a beloved putter from Axiom’s lineup, serving as a fantastic understable complement to the Envy. Capable of achieving exceptionally straight flights or impressive turnover flights when thrown with force, the Proxy is versatile in its performance. Made from Soft Neutron plastic, this disc feels amazing to grip and promises durability over extended use. It is the ideal disc for tee shots in wooded areas or for those delicate approaches that need to maintain a straight trajectory throughout the flight. Consider adding a Soft Neutron Proxy to your collection today.

Axiom’s description of the mold highlights its unique features: “The Proxy shares the same core as the Envy mold, offering a similar low-profile feel and solid grip. It features a short wing width and a wide flight plate diameter, enhancing its glide capabilities. What sets the Proxy apart from the Envy is its remarkably straight forward-fading finish. The disc has a slight high-speed turn potential, which allows its flight path to be shaped over a broad range of power levels. This feature is particularly beneficial for less powerful players, helping them achieve straighter putter drives.”

Weight N/A

Purple / Green rim, Pink / Red rim


173-175, 170-172


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Axiom Soft Neutron Proxy Axiom Soft Neutron Proxy


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