The Virus is Axiom’s most user-friendly distance driver, boasting exceptional glide and responsive understability that sustains its flight. For power throwers, the Virus offers the capability to execute massive turnover shots that still conclude with a straight forward fade. Average throwers will appreciate the ability to extend and shape their throws thanks to the Virus’ inherent turn and gentle fade. In the MVP lineup, the Virus is comparable to a well-seasoned Impulse.

The hallmark of the Virus’ flight is its consistent turnover tendency coupled with a forward fade. This characteristic allows skilled throwers to manipulate its flight path effectively, while less powerful throwers can use it to gain additional distance.

For those with a strong arm, the Virus proves especially beneficial in tailwinds or for executing long hyzer-flip to turnover shots. Its performance at low speeds is also notable, ideal for powered-down and standstill throws that require a straight flight. Additionally, throwers can adjust the height of the Virus to accommodate high flexing distance lines or to manage low ceiling shots with smoother throwing speeds.

The versatility of the Virus, effective in both low-powered and clean high-power throws, makes it an excellent complement to more stable drivers in a player’s arsenal, such as the Insanity and Wrath.

Weight N/A

Orange / Purple rim, Blue / Yellow rim, Red / Red rim




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