The Vanish, a 21mm class GYRO® driver from MVP Disc Sports, exhibits a flight behavior that is straight to understable, influenced by both the thrower’s power and the wind conditions. Its stability profile positions it near a critical point where it behaves straight at low power or in tailwinds, while becoming controllably understable at higher power levels or in mild headwinds. Designed to balance stability between the MVP models Wave and Orbital, the Vanish serves as a versatile midpoint.

The primary characteristic of the Vanish is its sensitivity to power input. For high power throwers, the Vanish may require tailwinds or a hyzer release angle to counteract its tendency to turnover, or it can be utilized in a distinctly understable utility role. For those with average power, the Vanish generally performs as a straight to understable disc in most conditions and is adaptable across a variety of release angles. This makes it a flexible choice for achieving desired flight paths on the course.


Red / Hot Pink rim




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