The Paradox stands out as one of the most understable midrange discs ever produced, offering a wide array of unique flight paths. For high-power players, the Paradox is an invaluable utility disc, perfect for executing rollers, low-speed flip-ups, massive nose-up anhyzers, and various other touch shots. On the other hand, lower-power players will find the Paradox to be an excellent choice for their first midrange, as it excels in delivering straight or hyzer-flip flights. Whether used as a teaching tool or as a versatile disc for navigating the challenges of woods golf, the Paradox’s pronounced understability ensures reliable performance. If you’re looking for a disc that can turn on command, the Paradox is the disc for you!

Weight N/A

Orange / Yellow rim, Blue / Orange rim, Orange / Green rim, Maroon / Blue rim, Orange / Hot Pink rim, Green / Gray rim, Orange / Orange rim, Blue / Green rim, Orange / Blue rim, Green / Hot Pink rim


176, 177-180


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Axiom Neutron Paradox Axiom Neutron Paradox
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