The Fireball is an overstable and wind-resistant disc, akin to the MVP Motion but with a notably straighter and longer flight path. During its flight, the Fireball maintains a longer forward push in its early fade stage compared to the Motion, which starts its gradual fade sooner. At the end of its flight, the Fireball descends later and more abruptly than the Motion.

The standout feature of the Fireball is its resistance to wind and power, paired with a delayed and sharp fade. This combination makes the Fireball a unique disc in the GYRO® lineup. It can be seen as a longer-pushing Motion or a more overstable Tesla, providing versatility in various throwing conditions.

High power throwers will experience a turn-free high-speed stage that holds longer before fading, making the Fireball ideal for long pan-outs, straight power shots, and sweeping hyzers. Those with average power will appreciate its significant headwind resistance and the ability to execute more workable lines than with the Motion.

The Fireball is well-suited for both backhand and forehand throws. Its high-speed stability is perfect for line-locking power shots, while its pronounced late fade aids in precise disc placement on the course, making it a reliable choice for achieving optimal results.

Weight N/A

Green / Yellow rim, Maroon / Blue rim, Green / Hot Pink rim, Orange / Yellow rim, Maroon / Pink rim, Blue / Green rim, Green / Green rim, Yellow / Blue rim, Blue / Orange rim, Teal / Green rim, Green / Blue rim, Orange / Pink rim, Orange / Green rim, Green / Purple rim


170-172, 160-164, 165-169, 170-172, 155-159, 173-175


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