Fission Envy – A slow, overstable putter that can handle the power of players at all skill levels. The Envy allows you to throw hard while achieving a straight flight with a moderate amount of fade. It is less overstable than the Entropy but still offers ample stability for a putter. With significant glide for its class, the Fission Envy is designed to travel down many fairways right off the tee. As with all Axiom discs, this putter features a gyro design with a weighted outer edge, enhancing its gyroscopic capabilities for better control and accuracy. Try out a Fission Envy today and experience the advantages of Axiom’s best-selling putter and their innovative Gyro technology.

Axiom’s commentary on the mold states: “The next evolution in GYRO technology has arrived – Fission has made it to the Envy! The Fission Envy provides the most GYRO-enhanced performance yet, allowing players to maximize the benefits of gyroscopic inertia with their driving putters. Not only does the Fission Envy offer exceptional flight characteristics, but the Fission plastic blend also delivers remarkable grip and feel. Recognized as the best driving and approach putter in the game, it is now available in the most advanced plastic in disc golf. If you’re aiming to elevate your game, the Fission Envy is the ultimate choice.”

Weight N/A

Pink / Purple rim, Pink / Purple rim, Pink / Purple rim, Blue / Green rim, Yellow / Red rim, White / Gray rim, Pink / Yellow rim


173-175, 160-164, 156-159


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