The Axiom Soft Proxy in Electron plastic is an excellent, slightly understable putter, ideal for both new and experienced players. When putting with the Proxy, simply aim at the chains and use a push or spin method to sink it. This disc is also highly effective for soft turnover shots under 200 feet, making it a versatile addition to any disc golfer’s bag.

The flight path of the Proxy is impressively straight when used as a putter. Unlike more stable putters, it maintains a straightforward trajectory without much lateral movement. This makes it particularly effective for both spin and push putting techniques. When attempting longer putts with the Proxy, players might notice a subtle turn, adding a layer of control in their game. As an approach disc, a gentle throw will reveal a noticeable turn at around 75 to 100 feet, making the Proxy an excellent choice for wooded courses where a slow disc that holds a slight anhyzer (anny) flight path is advantageous.

Axiom’s Soft Electron plastic is known for its grippy texture and baseline blend, enhancing the disc’s usability. It’s designed to acquire small dings and nicks from play, which paradoxically improves grip and chain-catching ability. However, these discs can become flippy in hot weather or after frequent contact with trees, contributing to their affordability compared to more durable plastics.

Overall, the Soft Electron Proxy from Axiom is a superb choice for disc golfers of all skill levels, offering reliable performance and enhanced control for putting and technical approaches.

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Axiom Electron Soft Proxy Axiom Electron Soft Proxy


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