The Envy by Axiom is an iconic, mildly overstable putt and approach disc that everyone should try at least once. Known for its reliability at both high and low speeds, the Axiom Envy offers a flight similar to the MVP Anode and Ion but with a bit more stability. Its slim profile and slow cruising speed endow it with a “lid-like” quality, ensuring that your approaches fly straight into the chains, leaving your competitors envious.

About Axiom Electron Soft Plastic:
Electron, MVP’s baseline plastic, is renowned for its excellent grip in all weather conditions and its ability to season slowly. As it wears, Electron plastic gains more glide and achieves a more neutral flight. While not the most durable option, Electron Soft offers exceptional grip, making it ideal for putters and those who prefer more flexible discs. This combination of grip and flexibility makes it a favorite among players looking to optimize their putts under various conditions.

Weight N/A

Orange / Pink rim, Orange / Green rim, Orange / Red rim, Teal / Purple rim, Teal / Pink rim


170-172, 173-175


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