The Envy by Axiom is an iconic, mildly overstable putt and approach disc that is a must-try for all disc golf enthusiasts. Renowned for its reliability at both high and low speeds, the Axiom Envy offers a performance comparable to MVP’s Anode and Ion, but with a slightly beefier feel. Its slim profile and slow cruising speed give it a “lid-like” quality, allowing for straight, controlled approaches that will make your competitors green with envy as you consistently find the chains.

About Axiom Electron Firm Plastic:
Electron, MVP’s baseline plastic, is favored for its excellent grip in all weather conditions and its gradual wear process. Over time, discs made from Electron plastic develop increased glide and a more neutral flight path. Among the Electron varieties, Electron Firm is the hardest blend, providing a durable option ideal for putters. This firmness makes it a reliable choice for those seeking consistency and longevity in their disc’s performance.

Weight N/A

Purple / Orange rim, Yellow / Red rim




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